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HiTech Sports can supply a comprehensive range of  indoor basketball structures to suit any requirements. This is our speciality.

indoor basketball hitech sportsWorking with any budget and requirements, we can design, supply and install modern, innovative basketball structures into any building. Whether it’s an International stadium, community sports hall, school sports stadium, multi-purpose sports hall, or an undercover sports area, we have the right system for you. See Stadia for more information and ideas.

Basketball Australia has adopted the FIBA rules and requirements so therefore we have as well. Most of our systems are FIBA certified so comply to the rules of FIBA Basketball.

Working with clients and architects, we can provide detailed information to design a HiTech Sports system to suit your building or area because every building is different. Once designed we will liaise with builders and electricians to ensure everything is in place before our team of professional installers arrive to begin assembling.

We have a system to suit your building. From International accredited Stadia FIBA systems for Levels 1, 2, or 3, suited to large stadiums and sports halls to our Essentials Range, suited to smaller schools and community sports halls.

Our Essential and Stadia range of basketball systems have been tested and certified by the following;

  • Certified to Australian Standards and Designs by an Australian Engineer and RPEQ.
  • Basketball’s International governing body, FIBA (Fédération Internationale de Basket-ball) for top Level Two and Level Three competition and safety to their standard and are manufactured by FIBA partner Gared Sports.
  • Tested and certified to Education QLD DETE Basketball Specifications and approved by a RPEQ. The systems have been Prototype Cyclic and Load Tested, as well as full Particle Magnetic Weld test, all by an independent international laboratory and overseen by QLD finest RPEQ. We did not want to “self-test” as we wanted no doubt that we were to deliver the best we can so independent testing was important.
  • USA design standards
  • California Seismic testing requirement.

Wall mounted basketball systems  |  Roof mounted basketball systems  |  Portable systems

HiTech Sports has more related products available. Most systems come with or can be upgraded with a range of accessories: 
Adjust A Goal is our innovative system which allows you to wind up or down the backboard and ring for either junior or senior heights and as a bonus, anywhere in between. This system can be fitted to any or our roof or wall mount systems. For more information go to HTS BB AAG or visit our youtube video.

Practice Basketball Systems are ideal for multi-use courts when the main structures are retracted or for half court and across court games. Also idea for schools with limited space. Our Innovative Column mount backstops simple fit to any steel column and can be fitted at any height. For more information go to HTS BB-CMPB.

  • Toughened glass, fibreglass or aluminium backboards
  • Range of extra heavy duty to the spring loaded snap back basketball rings. FIBA certified rings also available
  • Height adjustable, electric or manual operated backboard systems to suit both seniors and junior players
  • Backboard padding
  • Winch options from manual to state of the art electric systems
  • Can be colour coordinated with the building
  • Safety locking straps
  • Custom backstop banners
  • Safe Stop Locking Strap-Protect your facility with a tested product design to catch a backstop in the slightest chance of winch or cable failure
  • Hi Tech Sports supplies a vast innovative range of post and wall padding.

HiTech Sports strongly recommends using safe sports equipment that is designed to be safe, light to carry and fully padded.

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