Hi Tech Sports can supply a range of roof retractable and drawn curtains suitable for international stadiums, multi purpose sports halls and sports stadiums.

Stadia Centre Roll Curtain – The most innovative dividing curtain internationally available where the curtain simply winds up on a centre drum. The vinyl is fire retardant, mildew resistant and seams are electronically welded, not sewn. Mesh is used instead of netting. Key operated electric winches with auto height cut outs. Be warned, this curtain will become a show piece in your building. No expensive support structure required. For more information go to HTS DC-Stadia Roll Curtain or visit our youtube video.

Essential Curtain – The new economical concertina dividing curtain that uses the fire retardant and mildew resistant vinyl and mesh. No netting as netting often unravels, wears and breaks down over time. Heavy 5mm aircraft grade steel cable not 3mm cord retracts via a rotating top drum for a clean neat appearance. No expensive support structure required. For more information go to HTS DC-Essentials Curtain or visit our youtube video. 

Walk Draw Curtain - For facilities on a budget, old style walk draw curtains offer a cost effective option  to separate courts. These curtains still use the same vinyl as our motorised systems (and no netting) but simply are manually drawn to the side when not required. All curtains run on galvanised steel tracks with quality multi-wheeled carriages to ensure smooth operation. Choose 2 options for storage in either a straight or curved stack. Systems can also store inside a cupboard if incorporated during the building design. For more information go to HTS DC-Walk Draw Curtain.

Peak Fold Curtain – The new innovative curtain when the roof is low and no restrictions is required. This curtain can fold and breaks as it retracts to the same apex as the roof with minimal drop. For more information go to HTS DC-Peak Fold Curtain.

Top Roll Curtain – The elegant curtain where it is wind up and around a rotating winch drum. No cables or straps are used. Stores retracted neat and ideal for been hidden inside bulkheads. For more information go to HTS DC-Top Roll Curtain.

Radius Fold Curtain – Modelled on our Essential curtain but instead of rising, this curtain winds sideways by the key operated electric motor. Idea for where the wrap around system is required. For more information go to HTS DC-Radius Fold Curtain.

Speciality Curtains – HiTech Sports can also do very specialised curtains such as one we did at WAIS where they required a curtain for the Rio athletes to train indoors for Javelin and Discus. The curtain also had to be used for AV recording so required a dense ballistic mesh to not only stop Javelins but act as a “green screen”. This was the first duel use curtain of its type and works fantastically.

HiTech Sports has more related products available. Go to: Indoor basketball, Stadia, Scoreboards for more information.

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Essential Curtain

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Walk Draw Curtain

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Stadia Centre Roll

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Speciality Curtains

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