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 HiTech Sports have a range of heavy duty, galvanised basketball towers designed specifically for councils, parks, clubs, schools and backyards.

Structures range from rotating basketball and netball combination posts to height adjustable systems and with 900mm to 2400mm projections. These structures are designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate and the abuse that they can get from competitive play.

We have a tower to suit your requirements. Either installed directly into a footing or into a sleeve installed into the footing to allow the backboard to swing away from the court so other games like netball can be played on the same court. Smaller recreational towers are available for practice or domestic backyard use. Most systems either come with or can be upgraded with a range of accessories:

  • Toughened glass, fibreglass or aluminium backboards
  • Range of extra heavy duty to the spring loaded snap back basketball rings
  • FIBA certified rings available
  • Height adjusting backboard systems to suit both seniors and junior players
  • Backboard padding

Our heavy metal backstop series features the:

  • BNB24 is our heavy duty structure suitable for all locations around Australia in council parks, schools and outdoor centres. Tested and certified for all Queensland State Schools and Colleges.This reversible structure features a standard 2400mm projection for basketball or swivels 180 degrees aided by the Teflon disc to bring the netball into play. For more information go BNB24 to or visit our youtube video.
  • BBESO is our medium range suitable for schools clubs and serious backyard courts, featuring, non-reversible fixed installation with a 1500mm projection. Tested and certified for all Queensland State Schools and Colleges. For more information go to HTS-BBESO or visit our youtube video.
  • Practice Basketball Systems are ideal for multi-use courts when the main structures are retracted or for half court and across court games. Our Innovative Column mount backstops simple fit to any steel column and are compatible with our AAG’s or can be fitted at any height. For more information go to HTS BB-CMPB.

BNB24 (1)   BBESO (16)     BBESC (12) BNB24                                        BBESO                              BB CMPB        

Our fixed adjustable residential backstop series features the:
Dominator – The baby in the range, featuring a 1200 x 800 transparent backboard and fully height adjustable. Ideal for the backyard courts and primary schools. Features our direct mount. For more information go to HTS-Dominator.
Ultra – The teenager in the range featuring a 1500 x 1000 armoured glass backboard and fully height adjustable. Ideal for the more serious backyard court and primary schools. Features our direct mount. For more information go to HTS-Ultra.
Pro – The big boy in the range featuring a full size 1800 x 1050 armoured glass backboard and fully height adjustable. Ideal for real serious backyard courts, schools and clubs. Features our direct mount. For more information go to HTS-Pro.

BB-DOM (4)    BB-ULTRA (4)    BB-PRO (7)

Dominator                             Ultra                                     PRO 

Space Jam – Freestanding, demountable basketball system, designed specifically  for 3x3 courts where you need a system that can be shipped, put up in a few minutes, played and dunked on and then taken away. It features a full size backboard, positive lock goal and is fully demountable so can transport flat packed. Easy to assemble and requires local ballast. The projection on the arm is 1500mm from face of backboard to the support structure, pad included and can tolerate dunks. Available in a single of double configuration. Visit our  attached video link.

SpaceJam 1  SpaceJam 2  SpaceJam 3

HiTech Sports strongly recommends using safe sports equipment that is designed to be safe. We have a complete and innovative range of backboard, post and wall padding.

We supply and install Powergame Sports Surface for the best all weather proof, player friendly outdoor sports surface with no maintenance ever required and backed by a 15 year manufacturer’s warranty. Only outdoor surface certified by FIBA for outdoor basketball. Ideal for tournaments, clubs, schools, parks and home courts. Please go to our Outdoor Surfaces page for more information.

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