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Tennis posts:

TNES - Standard steel Tennis net posts with black powder coated finish. These posts are also hot dip galvanised prior to their final finish for ultimate rust resistance, and feature an easy to use external Tennis net winder with removable handle as standard. This European design allows full width Tennis net, which is uncommon in this region for budget systems, and are the only budget posts available with across the top Tennis net cable path as required in the rules. Ideal for multi-purpose courts as it is fast and easy to attach net. Supplied complete with sleeves and sleeve caps. This system is used at Perth Arena for the Hoffman cup because the are ITF compliant to the rules of tennis as they take a post to post net and the net cable is on top of the post. A base plate option is now available.

TNAL - Non-rust, low maintenance aluminium system with a stainless steel internal winder and removable handle. Supplied complete with sleeves and caps. The winder in this post is a linear system and is hidden completely inside the upright so when you have tensioned the post up, you can take the winder away and you have elegant, smooth posts that will never rust out like steel models. Supplied with internal net rails, these posts take a full post to post net and this can be tied off against the post to maximise the aesthetics.

TNST – Traditional heavy duty steel posts for top level competition. This system incorporates an internal drum winder system, and has rollers in the top for an over the top net path. The posts are finished with a black powder coat, and have an integrated net lacing bar. This model also includes a special thermal coated finish, more durable than powdercoating designed to last longer and retain it's luster in the harsh Australasian conditions.

TNMES – Mobile tennis net post system for multi purpose fields. Supplied complete with net, these systems have been designed with a height stamp to lift the wheels off the surface to immobilise while in play, and better distribute the weight of the system on sensitive surfaces. The system has a full post to post net, and includes concealed counterweights for greater stability, and net cord tension. Posts finished in a durable powder coat.

HTS-Tennis Post RangeHTS-Tennis Post Mobile

Tennis Nets – Complete range from full drop to external winder nets. Double mesh top rows, heavy duty top bands and plastic coated galvanised cable and high competition quality. Our TEN 1 (Full drop)  & TEN2 (760mm drop) net fits all our posts perfectly. The TEN1 has a tapered bottom so when held down with a centre strap, the bottom of the net is parallel to the court.

  • Umpire chairs – Complete range from stadiums to home courts
  • Ball Machines
  • Court Cleaning – Grass and leaf sweepers, clean sweeps. For more information go to HTS-Court Cleaning   HTS-Tennis Court Sweeper
  • Water Removal Squeegees
  • Wind Resistant Court Screens
  • Draw Screen Nets

We supply and install Powergame Sports Surface for the best all weather proof, player friendly outdoor tennis sports surface with no maintenance ever required and backed by a 15 year manufacturers warranty. Approved by International Tennis Federation and rated as "Fast".

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