AFL Goals


Quality AFL goal posts in a range of sizes and materials.


Hi Tech Sports are proud to partner with PILA who supply us with quality AFL goals designed and manufactured in Australia.  PILA have been an accredited and approved Local Government Procurement Supplier across Australia for almost 20 years.

Goal sizes:

  • 6m Goal Posts – 3m Behind Posts. Auskick, Mini Level 
  • 7.5m Goal Posts – 5m Behind Posts. Primary School, Junior Level 
  • 9m Goal Posts – 6m Behind Posts. High School, Senior Level
  • 12m Goal Posts – 8m Behind Posts. State League, Competition Level
  • 15m Goal Posts – 10m Behind Posts. National, Stadium Level
  • Mini & Junior AFL/Rugby Combo Goals also available 

Other options include:

  • Standard sleeved 
  • Bolt down bases 
  • Hinge base – easy to raise or lower when installed on multi-sport fields 
  • Machine spun tapered or non-tapered uprights 

PILA Aluminium AFL goals are:

  • Made to AFL, VFL and Australian standards
  • Light weight
  • Seven-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Low maintenance and durable – finished for protection against exposure. Powdercoated with UV stabilised powder
  • Corrosion resistant – aluminium will not warp, rot or rust. Rust can be dangerous as it weakens vital load points that often go unseen until they fail 
  • Safe marine grade high tensile marine grade aluminium
  • Hot dipped galvanised steel bases
  • Easy to install (or contact HiTech Sports for their professional installers to do the installation for you) 
  • Various models – junior or senior 

We proudly promote PILA Aluminium AFL goal posts for their unique characteristics.

Player shelters

Our premium sporting ground player shelters are available in a range of sizes and options.

Manufactured from high quality aluminium, our shelters are finished with a durable transparent Lexan polymer, and with your choice of timber or long life aluminium seats.

Also available are our range of post pads, which come in an assortment of colours along with the ability to add custom graphics.

AFL goals AFL goals
AFL goals AFL goals
PILA Junior Combination AFL/Rugby Goals PILA Junior Combination AFL/Rugby Goals
PILA Australian Made AFL Goals PILA Australian Made AFL Goals
PILA Australian Made AFL Goals PILA Australian Made AFL Goals



Custom paddingPPAFL SetFlat pads to suit.
PPSUNPad customisation available on request.