Hi Tech Sports can supply a range of sleeved and freestanding indoor and outdoor volleyball post systems ranging from FIVB approved products through to systems suitable for schools and regional sports stadiums.

Although HiTech Sports can provide volleyball specific posts from FIVB approved systems to standard steel systems suitable for schools and clubs, we prefer Multi-Sport posts. These are more versatile as the net can be adjusted from senior men’s volleyball height right down through the scale to tennis net height. Instead of having different post system for volleyball, badminton, newcombe ball and tennis among a few, you can use the same pair of Multi-Sport posts for all of these games and more.

The VBSTADIA is our most popular and premium system, made from anodised aluminium and weighing just 11kg per post complies with OHS requirements. The sliding linear track allow the net to be positioned ay any height. Made by Gared Sports in the USA and meets USA VBA , NCAA , and NFHS competition specification.  For more information go to HTS-VBSTADIA or VBSTADIA Video.

In our Aluline, we have two options, Aluline Multi Sport posts and the Aluline Essentials system.

The Aluline Multi Sport posts have multiple net height adjustment through the sliding linear system, and an easy glide nylon pulley to allow the net cable to smoothly flow onto the winch meaning you can fully tension all nets as required. Being aluminium they are much lighter than steel and perfect for when the economical option is required. For more information go to HTS-Aluline Multisport

The Aluline Essentials system is a simple yet robust multi-sport option, winch-less and ideal for when quick setups is required. Ideal for primary schools and all outdoor use. For more information go to HTS-Aluline Essential Multisport Posts. 

Our new GO COURT is a sleeveless and portable volleyball system that eliminates the need drilling and installing sleeves into your gym floor. this innovative design allows you to easily wheel your entire system in and out of the way of other court activities in just minutes. Everything you need to play is included with the system, including safety pads, height adjustable posts, premium net and even the padded referee stand is part of the system. For more information go to HTS-Portable Go-Court Volleyball

The SKYMASTER is the most premium volleyball system, a roof mounted overhead supported volleyball system. This is the ultimate system when setup is instantly ready from the turn of a key. Like the basketball structures, the volleyball posts, nets, pads and even umpire stand is connect to the roof and lowered when required and instantly ready for play. All the other options like height adjustment net tensioning is still like the sleeved version but in this case, nothing touches the floor. This is the most innovative system available. For more information go to HTS-Skymaster Roof Mount Volleyball

OLYMPIC and FIVB APPROVED models such as Senoh are available for top level competition. Intermediate and entry level competition posts, pads, stands and nets available on request.

Our Multi-Purpose Umpire Stand is a versatile umpire platform designed for use with any system and will function as fixed or free standing. The front legs are easily removed and/or with the special clamps can attach directly on the VBSTADIA system and other post systems. Ideal for all sports. For more information go to HTS-Essential Volleyball Ref Stand.

GPT - Games Posts Trolley quickly and easily stores and transports your games posts and equipment like volleyball, multi-sport and netball posts. Holds up to six posts, nets, antennas, post pads and balls. For more information go to HTS-GPT.

We also supply premium or budget nets, post padding, umpire stands, scoreboards and sports surfaces.

We supply and install Powergame Sports Surface for the best all weather proof, player friendly outdoor sports surface with no maintenance ever required and backed by a 15 year manufacturer’s warranty. Certified by FIVB for volleyball. Ideal for tournaments, clubs, schools, parks and home courts. Please go to our Outdoor Surfaces page for more information.

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Please note, specifications may change without notice.

VBAL (27) VBAL (21) VBAL (12) VBAL (9) VBAL (7) VBAL (6) VBAL (3) VBAL (2) VBAL (1)

VBAL with variable height net and winch

VBES-High  VBES-low

VBES with variable height net


VBSTADIA with also variable height net and a winch.

Gallipoli Barracks Fin (18)

VBSTADIA with Multi-Purpose Umpire Stand and padding package