Wall mounted basketball systems

Wall mounted basketball systems, innovative side swing options are available for either the main court or half courts running across ways. These can swing to either side and determined during installation. Optional upgrades are available on some models. Ideal on side walls as training goals, half courts or across courts.

  • Tested and certified for all Queensland State Schools and Colleges.
  • BB-STW is our wall mounted FIBA level certified structure featuring armour glass backboard, spring loaded rings. With 6 mount points there is no bounce or shake in this system. Systems are manufactured by FIBA partner Gared Sports.For more information go to HTS BB STW Stadia Basketball
  • BB-ESW is our Essential Wall mounted system featuring the rigid six mount point system as well as the Essential features of high tensile 50mm fibre glass back board and fixed ring.
    For more information go to Basketball BB-ESW system system or view youtube video.

Adjust A Goal is our innovative system which allows you to wind up or down the backboard and ring for either junior or senior heights and as a bonus, anywhere in between. This system can be fitted to any or our roof or wall mount systems. For more information go HTS BB-AAG to or view our youtube video.

Basketball Ring Upgrades are recommended for all retractable basketball systems and are available as a number of options from budget spring loaded rings to our Stadia rings and the new Posilock rings that dip forward and sideways when the recommended load is applied. Contact us for more information.

Basketball Backboard Pads are recommended for all basketball systems. Contact us for more information.

Practice Basketball Systems are ideal for multi-use courts when the main structures are retracted or for half court and across court games. Also idea for schools with limited space. Our innovative column mount backstops simple fit to any steel column and are compatible with our AAG’s or can be fitted at any height. For more information go to HTS BB-ESCP

Our Essential and Stadia range of basketball systems have been tested and certified by the following;

  • Certified to Australian Standards and Designs by an Australian Engineer and RPEQ.
  • Basketball’s International governing body, FIBA (Fédération Internationale de Basket-ball) for top Level Two and Level Three competition and safety to their standards.
  • Tested and certified to Education QLD DETE Basketball Specifications and approved by a RPEQ. The systems have been Prototype Cyclic and Load Tested, as well as full Particle Magnetic Weld test, all by an independent international laboratory and overseen by QLD finest RPEQ. We did not want to “self-test” as we wanted no doubt that we were to deliver the best we can so independent testing was important.
  • USA design standards
  • California Seismic testing requirement.

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