Roof mounted systems

  • Tested and certified for all Queensland State Schools and Colleges
  • Modern and sleek
  • Suspends from the ceiling
  • Electric or manual winch to raise or lower the structure
  • Forward, rearward or side retracting
  • Optional upgrades on some models

Our roof mount systems are directly mounted in the play position by a locking arm, not supported by cables so therefore do not get tangled up and cause expensive malfunctions. Our backboard due to this locking arm does not vibrate or shake when hit by the ball. That’s the result from FIBA certification due to their requirement.

The BB-STR FIBA Level 2 Certified International Stadia system comprises of an armour glass backboard, spring loaded ring and backboard padding, also features our innovative direct mount ring. This is the most popular system for schools and stadiums where they require the best and affordable. Systems are available in a range of powder coated colours as required and are manufactured by FIBA partner Gared Sports. For more information go to   HTS BB-STR Stadia Basketball and HTS BB STW or view our youtube video.

Our BB-ESR is the essentials economical version of the BB-STR FIBA certified structure. This structure still features our direct ring mount and off set mast lock. The unit comes standard with our fixed ring and high tensile moulded 50mm ribbed fibreglass backboard. For more information go to HTS BB ESR or view our youtube video.

AAG - Adjust A Goal is our innovative system which allows you to wind up or down the backboard and ring for either junior or senior heights and as a bonus, anywhere in between. This system can be fitted to any or our roof or wall mount systems. For more information go to HTS BB AAG or view our youtube video.

Basketball Safety Strap are recommended for all retractable basketball systems and are available as an option. For more information go to BB safety strap

Basketball Ring Upgrades are recommended for all retractable basketball systems and are available as a number of options from budget spring loaded rings to our Stadia rings and the new Posilock rings that dip forward and sideways when the recommended load is applied. Contact us for more information.

Basketball Backboard Pads are recommended for all basketball systems. Contact us for more information.

Our Essential and Stadia range of basketball systems have been tested and certified by the following;

  • Certified to Australian Standards and Designs by an Australian Engineer and RPEQ.
  • Basketball’s International governing body, FIBA (Fédération Internationale de Basket-ball) for top Level Two and Level Three competition and safety to their standards.
  • Tested and certified to Education QLD DETE Basketball Specifications and approved by a RPEQ. The systems have been Prototype Cyclic and Load Tested, as well as full Particle Magnetic Weld test, all by an independent international laboratory and overseen by QLD finest RPEQ. We did not want to “self-test” as we wanted no doubt that we were to deliver the best we can so independent testing is important.
  • USA design standards
  • California Seismic testing requirement.

BB-STR STADIA FIBA Level Two Backstops - Forward, Rearward or Sideways retracting

roof mounted backstops

BB-ESR ESSENTIAL FIBA Level Three Backstops - Forward, Rearward or Sideways retracting

three backstops