Safety Padding

Hi Tech Sports can supply a complete range of padding ranging from post padding to equipment padding. Anything can be padded. Everywhere requires padding where safety is priority from fields, clubrooms, stadiums, day care centres, multi purpose sports halls, stairwells etc.

When the courts have minimal run off around them, wall padding is essential for player safety.

Our new wall padding, with the option of our Essential Wall Padding 50mm wall padding or our Fire Retardant Stadia Wall Padding 50mm padding covers most requirements. Each panel is 600mm wide and 1800mm high. Mounted onto OSH wooden panels with minimal screwing strip or hidden aluminium screwing track. Fourteen colours to choose from.Colour Samples




For more information go to HTS-Protective Wall Padding

colours for wall padding

Most sports halls these days have large steel columns and these are deadly when players impact on them. HiTech Sports have a range of custom made pads which fit over the flange on the face of the column, using 30mm closed cell foam and covered in a durable Bautex cover will ensure player safety. For more information go to HTS-Protective Wall Padding;    HTS-Column Wall Padding  Optional thickness and absorption is available on request. Padding is vital to ensure player safety indoors and outdoors. Indoor and outdoor padding requirements can range from posts, columns, walls and any hard or sharp surface close to the courts as these can cause potential injury to all users.

HiTech Sports provides fitted Sand Pit Covers to help protect your children's playing area. Our custom made covers are manufactured from quality industrial grade materials such as Polymesh or Supermesh. We can also provide covers for Long Jump Pits, Beach Volleyball Courts or any other area you require covered.

We can also offer personalised digital printing of names, logos and club names and crests to pads. Also flat pads for gymnastics’, day care centres and schools.


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Protective wall padding
Column wall padding